AmissingRoom (2020)

A participatory artwork adapted for domestic settings in times of physical distancing.

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New Originals (2017)

Solo Exhibition Curator: Sally Muller. Co-produced with Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Installation Version: 30 visitors / 40 minute . Solo work: 12 min. / 3 Visitors Size: Variable

Mixed reality installation: smartphones, sound-isolated headphones, binaural sound, iBeacons, Sightless Goggles, instructions, choreography, borrowed artworks from museum’s collection, artwork replicas, modified gallery partitions. Read more

Unknown Cloud on Its Way to... (2015-2017)

Medium: Multiple location flashmob synchronized by iOS/Android application, social & news media, 360 ambisonic sound, text-messages and the website: Duration: 35min.

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Eternal Return (2019)


Lundahl & Seitl and ScanLAB Projects

Eternal Return consists of three intertwined art works, a book and the physical and virtual representations of them. Looking through wireless VR goggles shows you the world as a digital point cloud universe that works in the same way as elementary particles. The sculptures and functional objects are reminiscent of a theatre left deserted at night. Every object, each with its own origin, flows in different layers of time: a railing from the Titanic walkway is held up by the weight of a 3,5-billion-year-old microbial mat, a 3D printed door handle floats in mid-air, a Victorian headboard, a chandelier, a desk and a sound-proof door from the Steinway piano workshop.

A mixed reality installation in the form of an art exhibition. Read more

Transmission from the Tail of the Hen: Series (2021)

Transmission from the Tail of the Hen, 2021 is a series exploring the promise of virtual presence & reciprocity in proximity to technology, non-human life, objects, places and environments.

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Garden of Ghost Flowers (work in progress 2020)

Garden of Ghost Flowers uses VR to create a virtual, floral, biohybrid life-form, Ghost Flower, which exists and evolves in symbiosis with collective human behaviour.

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The Memory of W.T. Stead (2009-2013)

Co-produced with Nomad Projects

Medium: Light Controlled Room, DMX dimmer -Fresnel spotlights, Blackout. Headphones and Mp3-players, synchronized three-dimensional sound and touch from unseen performers, Sightless goggles. Context: Site Specific to Steinway & Sons, W1 London Capacity & Duration: 6 visitors / 50 min.

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Symphony - The Mnemosyne Revolution (2016)

Co-Produced by: Centre Pompidou, Metz for the exhibition an Imagined Museum and Kochi Muziris Foundation for the 2nd Biennale in Kochi, India.

Capacity & Duration: 6 visitors / 18min Size: Variable Medium: Binaural Sound, Mp3-player, Wireless Headphones, Sightless Goggles, Unseen Touch, instructions, choreography.

Photo Credits: Museum Pompidou Metz

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Symphony of a Missing Room (2009 - ongoing)

Site-specific adaptation and reinterpretation of commissioning Museum’s architecture, history and curatorial space. Capacity & Duration: 6 Visitors / 35min.

Medium: Binaural Sound, Mp3-player, Wireless Headphones, Sightless Goggles, Unseen Touch, instructions, choreography.

Co-produced by Weld for National Museum Sweden. Drawing: Courtesy Christer Lundahl

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An Elegy to the Medium of Film (2014 - ongoing)

Medium: 3D Film projection, total blackout, binaural sound & synchronized light and touch. Context & Size: Cinema or built black box, 6 – 10 m. Capacity & Duration: 6-30 Visitors / 35-45 min. Co-produced by the NXTSTP consortium

An Elegy proposes the hypothesis that we carry so much film inside us that we need very little external stimuli to create a cinematic experience. Visitors enter a darkened room in which they experience projections that play, not on the screen in front of them, but in their own consciousness.

Appropriated footage from film history alternates with periods of whiteouts and blackouts in the screening room. These periods of visual absence direct the viewer's attention inwards where cinematic history merges with their own archive of lived experience.

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Proscenium (2012)

Site-specific adaptations commissioning theatre’s architecture and history. Medium: Binaural Sound, Sennheiser Wireless Headphones & microphones, Alti-verb software and live-feed of voice and environments, dmx control for light, wind and haze, sightless goggles, unseen touch, instructions and choreography. Capacity & Duration: 6 Visitors / 45 min.

Co-produced by: Swedish Royal National Theatre, STUK & 30CC. Supported by: Kulturbryggan & British Council. Read more

Symphony (2015)

Commissioned and acquired by Momentum Konsthall for Momentum 8 - Tunnel Vision.

Curators: Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Birta Gudjonsdottir, Stefanie Hessler, Toke Lykkeberg

More versions exist of this work. View project.

Capacity & Duration: 3 - 10 Visitors / 18 min.

Medium: Binaural Sound, Mp3-player, Wireless Headphones, Sightless Goggles, Unseen Touch, instructions, choreography.

Size: Variable

Photo: Ingeborg Ouyen Thorsland

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My Voice Shall Now Come From the Other Side of the Room (2005-2007)

Commissioned & developed for Battersea Arts Centre, Tate Britain and A-Foundation.

Capacity & Duration: 3 - 10 Visitors / 10 min.

Medium: Binaural Sound, Mp3-player, Wireless Headphones, Sightless Goggles, Unseen Touch, instructions, choreography.

Photo: Courtesy Lundahl & Seitl

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Birth Series (2007-2016)

Live performers being Avatars for visitors social interaction in art spaces. Site-specific adaptations of the work for different social contexts and exhibitions. Past inarnations include: Tate Modern - Dada & Surrealism Exhibition and a Solo exhibition at Cell Project Space, London.

Medium: Concealed camera, ear-piece, wall-mounted iPad with headset.

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The Infinite Conversation (2011)

Commissioned and developed for Magasin 3 with support by Innovativ Kultur & the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Curator: Richard Julin Capacity: 200-300 visitors/day. Installation size: variable. Medium: Black-out in gallery with built partitions and draped fabric, instructions, unseen touch choreography. Photo: Courtesy Magasin 3

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After the event - A story (2007)

After the event, a story was commissioned for art radio station Resonance FM as part of a programme of sound works by London based collaborative antepress. The piece is co-written and performed by artists Lundahl & Seitl and writer Gemma Sharpe. Read more.

Explode and (anything) (2006)

Context: This work can be exhibited as a solo project or as part of a group exhibition.

Installation: Mp3-player and headphones: synchronized three-dimensional sound touch from an unseen performer, Sightless goggles. Draped fabric in different colors. A4 paper with note on the wall. Space Requirements: 3 - 10 square meters

Capacity & Duration: Three visitors / 15 min.

Photo: Courtesy Lundahl & Seitl

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Observatory (Weld 2008, MDT 2011)

Commissioned and developed for Weld & MDT Stockholm with support by Innovativ Kultur & the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Capacity & Duration: 6 Visitors / 35min.

Size: Variable

Medium: Binaural Sound, Mp3-player, Wireless Headphones, Black-out, synchronized instructions, unseen touch, choreography.

Photo: Courtesy Lundahl & Seitl

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Rotating in a Room of Images (2007-Present)

Capacity & Duration 1 visitor / 15min.

Space Requirements: 10-15 meters ( Museum / Gallery or other built white cube)

Technique & Installation: Single visitor, mp3-player and headphones: synchronized three-dimensional sound touch from an unseen performer using night vision goggles. White draped fabric, projector and media player, Live video camera, 3 performers, Velasquez Costume, A4 paper with note on the wall.

Context: This work can be exhibited as a solo project or as part of a group exhibition.

Photo: Courtesy Lundahl & Seitl

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Four Stages of Conversations (2013)

Four Stages of Conversations designs a new conference model, using ancient shamanistic methods of hypnosis and guided imagination to enhance participants’ powers of intuition. Lundahl & Seitl have considerable experience of staging perception-altering situations, normally for their trans-disciplinary artworks. Read more

Bauer (2012)

BAUER – An exhibition by Lundahl and Seitl

We were asked to give John Bauer’s art a new room and a new perspective. With openness to meeting with a picture’s content, our role as curators was to orchestrate the intangible. Light, shadows and sounds, and the visitor’s movement in time creates a triangular reflection of the viewer, exhibition space and art, where the ritual of the museum visit is emphasised.

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Farkost (2014)

Our ability to imagine things that aren’t in front of us is an important factor in what makes us human, and may even be what distinguishes us from other animals. That the imagination is of fundamental importance for our survival is an indisputable fact. But this power is not something we are born with but something that we can develop and train. Lundahl & Seitl’s installation, Farkost (Craft), can be seen as a laboratory for this reasoning – as visitors are prepared for an experience that is largely created by their inner sensations. Read more.

Vita Kuben (2012)

When artistic duo Lundahl and Seitl were invited to curate the 2012 spring season at the White Cube, they invited artists Niklas Tafra and Henning Lundkvist to join them.

Together, they've chosen to tackle this spring's three exhibitions as parts in a series. An idea will be presented and allowed to develop over time, while the boundaries between artwork and exhibition, artist and curator, are broken down.

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Dream Walk (2010)

The work takes the visitor on a walk, through physical and virtual places. An hour may have passed, maybe two. An autumn. A winter. A single visitor sitting in the hotel lobby and awaiting instructions.

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Knee Jerk (2005)

An exhibition of self reflections providing short narratives and instructions. The instructions were sometimes physically embodied or transacted by the visitors. Read more.

Memories of a Building (2016)

Title: Memories of a Building

Year: 2016

Context: Group exhibition, permanent collection, complementing New Originals

Credits: Co-production Centre Pompidou, Metz

About: At The Wall of Memorization: when the visitors talk into the headsets microphone - the programme automatically records what is being said and then stores it within a computer that playing the voices at random at the The Whispering Wall. The two walls are placed on different locations.

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