Explode and (anything)2006

A participatory work, demands that three visitors at one time surrender their individual consciousness to a controlled collective physical and aural experience. Explode and (Anything) – an Itinerary, deprives its participants of sight and forces them to temporarily re-focus their sensory awareness.

With the audience’s new perspicacity, their vision is intermittently returned, now meeting challenges to their individual consciousness.

Like much of Lundahl and Seitl’s work, Explode and (Anything) – an Itinerary creates an environment causing the audience to lose any notion of fixed presence and self-assurance.

Experiences of disembodiment by the participants are achieved through the delicately choreographed performances in Explode and (Anything) – an Itinerary whilst testing limits of comfort.

In addition, this particular piece focuses on the unclear distinctions between seemingly opposed worlds of internal and external, individual and collective thought.

Lundahl & Seitl