ObservatoryWeld 2008, MDT 2011

"Observatory" has been born out of its precursor "Work / Workshop" which was researched, developed and then shown at Weld in 2008. Although the performance is set in complete darkness, there is a resemblance of the minimalism often associated with the way museums display objects in isolation and the focused observation of their viewers.

In "Observatory" the visitor is fully immersed in a situation being both the observer and the observed, with perception itself as both the medium of the work, its potential content as well as the means to receive it.

 The choice to present the work at MDT reflects a parallel inquiry into the tradition of theatre and performance by acting on instructions and receiving its impact on our bodies.

When we are inside "Observatory" we are all protagonists in a blank story, where imaginations, physical sensations and memories are enacted and projected out into the unseen stage.

Collaborators: Rachel Alexander, Colin McLean, Sara Lindström, Genevieve Maxwell, Lisette Drangert.

Lundahl & Seitl