Vita Kuben2012

When artistic duo Lundahl and Seitl were invited to curate the 2012 spring season at Vita kuben, they invited artists Niklas Tafra and Henning Lundkvist to join them. Together, they've chosen to tackle this spring's three exhibitions as parts in a series. An idea will be presented and allowed to develop over time, while the boundaries between artwork and exhibition, artist and curator, are broken down.

Lundahl and Seitl live and work in both London and Stockholm. The duo's work is trans-disciplinary and has been developed through research into the history of perception, specifically in relation to the museum as a space - and as a place for participatory performance within cultural institutions.

Niklas Tafra is a Croatian-Swedish artist who currently moves between Stockholm and London. Through media such as sculpture and performance, Tafra investigates the premises of contemporary listening.

Henning Lundkvist's artistry is expressed through installations, recitations, textual works, works of sound and theatrical performances. He works both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists, dramatists, directors, actors and poets.

PLEASE NOTICE! To attend the exhibition, go to the box office of the opera and borrow a set of headphones.

Curators/Artists: Christer Lundahl, Martina Seitl, Niklas Tafra, Henning Lundkvist

Lundahl & Seitl