An Elegy to the Medium of Film2014-2016

Lundahl & Seitl create artworks as elegies to specific art forms and the architectural institutions where those forms are presented. In this new project they explore the future of film and the cinema.

An Elegy proposes the hypothesis that we carry so much film inside us that we need very little external stimuli to create a cinematic experience. Visitors enter a darkened room in which they experience projections that play not on the screen in front of them, but in their own consciousness. Mixing video projection with audio and choreographed touch, the visitor’s imagination is projected out into the cinema.

The aim is for the visitor to become immersed in the inter-subjective experience of entering a film with all its potential leaps in time and space. Visitors are first presented with familiar cinematic devices, until the camera seems to take on a consciousness of its own; they are then invited to move beyond the frame of the screen and physically enter scenes they remember from cinematic history. Subsequently they are set adrift in the history of film, floating between epic scenes, sounds and locations.

In An Elegy to the Medium of Film, whiteouts and blackouts are placed in between appropriated footage from film history.

In tandem with a physical hand-led choreography, rooted in camera movements and film techniques, we are guided by unseen performers; panning, zooming and moving inside our memory of those images we recently saw on the screen:re-enactments of revisits to historical film shots filmed in 3D, floating shots from historical architecture including The Breughel Collection at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and The Life Drawing Room at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Like other works, this piece is an elegy to an art form – in this case, film – and to the architectural institutions where the art form is presented. As well as being an elegy to the history of film, the piece explores the future of film and the cinema.

Technique & Installation:

Solo Commission for Cinemas: Headphones, synchronized three-dimensional sound and touch from 6 unseen performers, sightless goggles, Sennheiser Wireless system, Light Controlled Room – DMX dimmer – Fresnel spotlights – Blackout, 3D Video Projector + lens shutter, Headphone Amp and extension cables.

Film Festivals, Exhibition installation: as above, plus an either purpose built installation of a cinema structure or existing blackbox or auditorium that can be transformed into a cinema.

This project is co-produced by NXTSTP, with support of The Culture Programme of the European Union. Co-producers: Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen, steirischer herbst festival.

Click here to download an interview with Lundahl & Seitl about An Elegy to the Medium of Film.

Context: A Cinema, Film Festival, Art Exhibition

Capacity & Duration: Guided Version: 6 visitors / 50 min. Installation Version: 30 visitors / 30 min.

Credits: Co-production NXSTP, Weld, Accelerator Stockholm.
Visitor Instructions: The work is shown every hour and a half. Book in advance. Arrive well in time.

Lundahl & Seitl