Unknown Cloud on Its Way to...2015-2017

Unknown Cloud, 2016 is a nomadic global phenomenon formed by flashmobs of people experiencing it at different locations worldwide simultaneously. Central to the work is the participants own being in time and their ability to create relations with the lifeworlds of others. Synchronized via Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and new technology downloadable as an APP to the participants own smartphones, the Unknown Cloud creates an unusual situation of a global ritual fueled by trust and compassion - cornerstones of an engaged and human society. Facilitated by our everyday digital devices the experience connect us to our own and other bodies, far and near.

Photo Credits: Sarlongkiri Ingti (Lee Eh Kiri) - Unknown Cloud on Its Way to Karbi Anglong

Programmed to exist globally until 2057, the Cloud travel across national borders, large cities, remote villages, islands, mountains and across the sea. To attend an event you first need to see when the Cloud pass your location, or you can summon the cloud by gathering enough people to visit the website clicking the location on the map.

WWW.UNKNOWNCLOUD.COM AND download the app “Unknown Cloud Caretaker” IMPORTANT: Download the content in the App. and bring your own headphones to the event.

Unknown Cloud on its way to Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin 2017. rnrn“While inside, I got superpowers; being able to hear planets far away, feel the rotation of the earth and connect emotionally with the lifeworlds of near and distant strangers…" Visitor

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