Symphony of a Missing Room2009-2014


Symphony of a Missing Room is a guided museum tour where the visitors depart on both a collective and an extremely personal journey. Via wireless headphones, a voice takes visitors, led by performers, on an itinerary that traverses layers of physical and imaginary architecture of the museum and its curatorial space.

Symphony of a Missing Room - Archive of the Forgotten and the Remembered, 2014 - Commissioned for the Royal Academy of Art, London (UK)
By the use of multi-sensory illusions and binaural sound recordings the visitor's attention is steered away from the visible and tangible world and diverted into a new perception of the self, time and space.

The work gathers its narratives and histories from the institutional collections and architectures it inhabits and has previously inhabited. While Symphony is concerned by physical displays of history described and embodied by museums, it is also a learning machine, that absorbs and reconstitutes its own past, reciting the lessons of that past each time it is physically refashioned, and each time begins again.

”Symphony explores the idea of the museum as an observer and keeper of history. But history is proposed here as a kind of "backwards prophesying": as one must call into the imagination an event that someone tells you will happen, one must similarly imagine an event you are told once did happen. The art museum thus becomes a repository of disjunct visuals that project, prophesy and document both the past and the future” Lundahl & Seitl

Symphony of a Missing Room is since 2009 commissioned for a series of museums in Europe; it is an artwork in a constant state of becoming.

Symphony of a Missing Room is a collaboration with designer Jula Reindell.

Lundahl & Seitl